Have you heard of this creative art form? Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) are miniature pieces of art the size of playing cards, 2½" wide by 3½" high, and are traded or swapped, but never sold. ATCs are about giving and sharing your art. Amazingly, artists have found ways to incorporate painting, collage, stamping, watercolor, transfers, beading, stitching and/or found objects onto these miniature canvases. Most ATCs are cardstock but can be 3-dimensional with pop ups, doors, spinners and other embellishments. The results are simply great fun! There is no theme so you can create your heart's desire.
Plan to make about 25--30 items for trading purposes. Please remember to sign and date the back of your card and include contact information and the title of the ATC. If you create an identical set for trading, indicate the edition and number the cards.
Traders will be identified by a special pin-on tag.  Enter your creation at the Stampede convention registration desk for a chance to win two $25 gift certificates: a random drawing and a People's Choice Award. The winners will be named at 1 pm which will allow ample time to spend that gift certificate at the show (open until 4 pm).  You must be present to win. This will also be a good time to trade cards with others.
Note that one winner will be named by a random drawing of all traders. The second winner will be a People's Choice award by participant balloting.  In fairness to those who create numerous ATCs, please don't enter the drawing if you don't intend to trade!!
So, what are you waiting for?    Get busy making those trades!